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Property Redevelopment

Zenobia Street

By successfully balancing compassion with sound business strategies, ELEVATION not only revitalized a distressed property but also created a valuable asset that appeals to a diverse range of potential buyers. This project exemplifies the firm's commitment to ethical and profitable property redevelopment in the dynamic Denver real estate market.

Client Background

Our client who is a fellow investor in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, recently encountered a unique opportunity with a property near Sloan's Lake. The sellers, who had called the house their home for the past 30 years, faced a challenging situation. One parent had recently passed away, and the other was struggling with a hoarding disorder. The family decided it was time to sell, seeking a local investor who could make a quick, cash purchase in its current as-is condition. They had spoken to 3-4 other investors who could not solve their other problems but ELEVATION was able to bridge the gap leaning on Creative Problem Solving which is one of our company values.

Transaction Details

Understanding the sensitive nature of the situation, our investment firm extended a compassionate and tailored approach. The sellers' request included a two-week rent-back period after closing, allowing them time to sort through cherished family mementos while ensuring a seamless transition.

The firm's commitment to transparency and fair dealings resulted in a win-win cash price negotiation. By eliminating commissions and closing costs, an additional $20,000 in profit was preserved for the sellers. ELEVATION was able to donate the unwanted belongings and then handle the remaining items which easily filled four large dumpsters.

Property Characteristics

The property in question was a beautiful Mid-Century Modern (Mid-Mod) home, strategically located just four houses away from Sloan's Lake in Denver. Boasting front-facing mountain views and kitchen views of the lake, the property had enormous potential. Recognizing the need to preserve the original character of the home, we saw an opportunity for a comprehensive property redevelopment project.

Project Execution

ELEVATION embarked on an ambitious four-month rehab project. All necessary permits were diligently obtained from the City of Denver, ensuring compliance and quality in every aspect of the redevelopment. Our interior designer created a new customized $1 million in a Fixture & Finish package meticulously curated to honor the Mid-Century Modern style.


The end result was a stunning 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom home with two kitchens – a perfect blend of modern functionality and the timeless charm of Mid-Century Modern architecture. This property became an ideal investment opportunity, catering to both a large family seeking a spacious home in a prime location and a millennial buyer looking to maximize flexibility through basement rental options.

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