Mastermind Groups

At ELEVATION we take pride in fostering a community that goes beyond traditional transactions, elevating the real estate experience for both investors and agents alike. Let us become your destination for real estate investment expertise and networking opportunities.

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Get Involved With Our Community

Join ELEVATION and be part of a community that goes beyond transactions, where knowledge is shared, connections are forged, and success is a collective journey. Elevate your real estate endeavors with us.

1. Exclusive Mastermind and Meetup Groups

Join our vibrant community and take advantage of our monthly Mastermind and MeetUp groups, hosted in collaboration with our esteemed sister company, The Broadway Collective—a real estate-centric coworking space situated in the heart of Englewood, CO. These events serve as a nexus for investors and agents of all experience levels, creating an environment where valuable connections are made, and insights are shared.

At ELEVATION, we understand the importance of tailored content. Our commitment is to curate discussions and offerings that align with the unique needs of our diverse audience. Whether you're a seasoned investor or a budding agent, our events are designed to facilitate meaningful interactions, ensuring that participants derive maximum value from the collective knowledge of the group.

Coming Soon!

2. ELEVATION Team Agent Training

Embark on a journey of professional growth with our upcoming initiative—Dedicated agent training for investor-centric professionals through the ELEVATION Team at eXp Realty. This specialized program is crafted to empower agents and realtors seeking to expand their knowledge and network within the realm of working with investors and institutions.

At ELEVATION, we understand that the dynamics of real estate transactions involving investors and institutions require a unique skill set. Our comprehensive training program aims to equip agents with the insights, strategies, and networking opportunities essential for success in this specialized niche. Stay tuned for an immersive learning experience that will elevate your capabilities and open new doors to lucrative opportunities.

We’re always looking for talented real estate agents to join ELEVATION

For agents eager to delve into the dynamic realm of real estate investing, the ELEVATION Team at eXp offers a compelling proposition. Joining us means expanding your toolkit to collaborate with investors, gain access to exclusive off-market deals, and build connections with fellow industry professionals.