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Partnership Flip

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Introducing the ELEVATION Partnership Flip—a distinctive option that seamlessly aligns the interests of sellers, real estate agents, and their clients, particularly for properties requiring repairs to achieve optimal sales prices within an expedited time frame. This innovative approach is well-suited for a range of properties, including homes, condos, townhomes, and small apartment buildings (2-10 units).

The ELEVATION Partnership Flip Process

Our structured process ensures a mutually beneficial relationship for all parties involved:


Goal Alignment Meeting

Initiate discussions to understand client goals, objectives, and expectations thoroughly.


Comprehensive Property Inspection

Conduct an "As-Is" property condition inspection coupled with a detailed valuation.


Rehab Planning

Develop a detailed rehab budget, scope of work, and a project timeline to guide the entire process.


ELEVATION Management

We take charge of all aspects of the rehab, covering expenses such as labor, materials, and contractors.


Professional Presentation

The property undergoes professional staging, photography, and is listed for sale at the maximum resale price as discussed in the goal alignment meeting.


Profit Distribution

Upon the sale, the client not only receives the As-Is value of the home but also gains 50% of the net profit. ELEVATION receives the rehab costs back at closing.

Who We Partner With

Who benefits from the ELEVATION Partnership Flip?

Photo of couple with boxes moving out after selling their home


Those seeking to maximize their profits.

Photo of two older adults

Older Adults

Individuals moving who wish to enhance their profit for assisted and independent living housing.

Photo of rental property owner handing over house keys

Rental Property Owners

Those looking to exit the landlord role or aiming to maximize profits for further investment.

Photo of real estate agent on a computer with his clients

Real Estate Agents & Realtors

Professionals seeking an additional solution to offer their clients.

Photo of three real estate investors

Real Estate Investors

Individuals or companies looking to expand their bandwidth in partnering with ELEVATION or those who want to learn our system and increase profitability.

Exterior photo of redeveloped home

Partnership Flip

West Friend Drive

ELEVATION’s innovative Partnership Flip approach not only turned a seemingly unsellable property into a lucrative investment but also paved the way for the next generation of real estate enthusiasts.