Who We Help

Real Estate Agents

At our core, we are value driven investors who highly covet and foster successful collaborations with real estate agents and realtors across the entire spectrum of real estate transactions. We actively cultivate these relationships, recognizing the pivotal role that real estate professionals play in the intricacies of property transactions. Our commitment to collaboration is driven by a shared vision for success, where transparent communication, trust, and integrity form the bedrock of every interaction.

While these solutions are unique to each agent/realtor and your client, here is a high level overview of our three most utilized solutions:

Cash Offer

We can extend a cash offer to your clients for their consideration prior to listing on the market. This unique proposition guarantees that you receive the agreed-upon commission percentage, while simultaneously saving your clients from the customary 2.8% buyer's commission. This strategy not only accelerates the sales process but also enhances your reputation as an innovative and client-centric real estate professional. It showcases your commitment to seeking creative solutions that prioritize your clients' interests and financial well-being.

Partnership Flip

The ELEVATION Partnership Flip presents an exceptional solution for clients dealing with dated properties or those requiring significant repairs. Our seasoned contracting teams handle the renovation work, with ELEVATION covering all associated expenses. Subsequently, we share the additional Net profits generated by the revitalized property on a 50/50 basis with your seller. This three-way win exemplifies an advantageous choice for experienced agents, allowing them to list the enhanced property at a higher value upon completion of the renovations.

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“Fix & Flip” Training

The ELEVATION Academy is an intensive one day training where our team educates agents on every aspect of the “Fix & Flip” process from deal analysis and sourcing deals to the “Big 4 of Project Management” so you can become an investor yourself or be far more educated when dealing with investor clientele. Our commitment to continual education is a cornerstone of our offering to real estate agents and realtors. With our finger on the pulse of the market, we aim to foster mutual growth by providing valuable insights and opportunities.

We’re always looking for talented real estate agents to join ELEVATION

For agents eager to delve into the dynamic realm of real estate investing, the ELEVATION Team at eXp offers a compelling proposition. Joining us means expanding your toolkit to collaborate with investors, gain access to exclusive off-market deals, and build connections with fellow industry professionals.