Who We Help

Institutional Investors

We provide a unique blend of expertise at our company. Our Founder and CEO Derek Marlin grew up in a Wall Street family and went on to work in the Fixed Income space doing business with institutional investors, asset managers, and RIA’s. Derek remains committed to upholding the principles of client first systems in our ongoing growth. Our offerings cater to institutional investors and funds on both the acquisitions and dispositions side of the SFR asset class.

With a team of highly skilled agents, we distinguish ourselves in the Denver market by expertly representing clients in the sourcing and sale of SFR properties as well as Fix & Flip properties. Despite offering commission discounts, our commitment to delivering exceptional service remains unwavering. Our in-house analyst, project management, and transaction management fuels our ability to operate at scale which is unmatched by other agents and brokerages across the front range.

Backed by an in-depth understanding of the investment market, we serve as your trusted partner with insights into current rehab pricing and trends. This knowledge positions us as a valuable ally in the complex landscape of SFR investing. Our team is also powered by the institutional services division at eXp Realty where we are a trusted advisor and have the ability to expand into other markets.

Institutional Investors can tap into our team experience and systems while also benefiting from ELEVATION’s ability to custom tailor a workflow system for brokerages and clients to succeed at scale for all involved across the country. 

Join us in the pursuit of elevating real estate to new heights.