Who We Help

Fix & Flip Investors

We provide a unique blend of expertise at our company, founded by a seasoned investor who remains committed to upholding these principles in our ongoing growth. Our offerings cater to investors seeking access to discounted properties both on and off market which are ideal for Fix & Flip projects or rental investments. Backed by an in-depth understanding of the investment market, we serve as your trusted partner with insights into current rehab pricing and trends. This knowledge positions us as a valuable ally in the complex landscape of investment opportunities.

With a team of 12+ highly skilled agents, we differentiate ourselves in the Denver market by expertly representing clients in the sourcing and resale of Fix & Flip properties. Despite offering commission discounts, our commitment to delivering exceptional service remains unwavering. Our investor first listing program benefits investors by helping with the up front deal analysis, visiting the project 3 times during renovations and representing you with an investor mindset in a very different manner than a traditional agent.

Furthermore, our Education Division provides real-time training and educational resources designed to benefit investors across all experience levels. Stay ahead in the investment game with our comprehensive support and expertise. Our transparent wholesaling division operates in a unique manner in comparison to other wholesalers large and small:

  • Extensive property inspections & rehab budgets
  • Sewer scope and roof inspections on every project
  • True comp analysis and more conservative underwriting
  • Up front assignment fees
  • Full circle value mindset with superior client service and satisfaction so we can do multiple deals in the future based on a deep level of trust

Join us in the pursuit of elevating real estate to new heights.