Transformative Real Estate Investment Training

Since its inception in 2020, the ELEVATION Academy has been a trailblazer in providing immersive, hands-on real estate investment training, specializing in the Fix & Flip sector through our exclusive one-day, in-person course. Our comprehensive program meticulously covers every facet of our proven 105+ step system, empowering investors, real estate agents, contractors and clients to master the art of profitable flipping properties.

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September 27, 2024
CrossCountry Mortgage

Hosted once per quarter, the Academy offers a full-day experience in an intimate and hands-on setting, catering to investors and agents of all experience levels. We take pride in continuously refining our courses, incorporating real-time investment strategies to deliver maximum value to our clients.


What You Will Learn To Do

We teach clients how to successfully and profitably redevelop (fix & flip) residential properties in the highly competitive Denver metro area. Here are our areas of focus:

Identify Risks

Learn how to identify and steer clear of property deals with unclear titles, environmental hazards, high crime rates, or legal complications, ensuring a strategic approach to minimize risks in real estate investments.


We’ll teach you how to enhance return on investment by implementing streamlined project management, cost-effective construction methods, and negotiation of favorable deals, leveraging technology and smart resource allocation to optimize efficiency and reduce overall project expenses.

Avoid Mistakes

We’ll help you exercise caution in property improvement by conducting market research, resisting over-upgrades, staying within budget constraints, and avoiding emotionally-driven decisions to prevent common missteps and ensure a balanced investment approach.

Cut Expenses

Learn how to cultivate valuable partnerships by connecting with reputable suppliers, contractors, and industry professionals, negotiating bulk discounts and exploring joint ventures to secure high-quality services and materials at discounted rates for real estate projects.


We will teach you to expand industry connections by joining real estate investment groups, attending conferences, engaging in mentorship programs, and utilizing online platforms to tap into the ELEVATION professional networks, gaining insights and support from experienced peers.



Learn how to optimize project timelines, marketing strategies, and property staging to achieve an average profit of $25K-$40K within a 100-day timeframe, monitoring market trends and setting competitive prices for swift and lucrative real estate transactions.

Who Should Attend?

Our diverse attendee base includes a perfect blend of real estate investors, agents, realtors, property managers, contractors, and industry partners, fostering a collaborative learning environment. We’re excited to announce that in 2024, the ELEVATION Academy will be available in a virtual format, extending the benefits of our expert-led courses to investors and agents nationwide.


Explore the future of real estate investment education with ELEVATION Academy's upcoming in person and virtual courses, designed to elevate your skills and knowledge in the ever-evolving landscape of real estate.