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West 1st Avenue

This project exemplifies ELEVATION's commitment to excellence, innovation, and full-circle value creation. By strategically acquiring the Denver Square property, implementing the ELEVATION wholesaling system, and adhering to transparent and ethical practices, we not only met our client's objectives but also contributed to the overall success and growth of the real estate investment community and added a beautiful revitalized home to the historic Baker neighborhood.


In the dynamic world of real estate investing, our firm is dedicated to identifying exceptional properties that align with our buying guidelines and cater to the diverse needs of investors entering the Fix & Flip space. This case study highlights our success in acquiring a Denver Square property in the historic Baker Neighborhood, showcasing our expertise in both on-market and off-market acquisition strategies.

Acquisition Strategies

Our team employed a multifaceted approach, utilizing both on-market and off-market acquisition strategies to secure the Denver Square property. This strategic initiative allowed us to tap into a wider pool of opportunities and cater to the preferences of investors, whether they were newcomers to the Fix & Flip space or seasoned industry professionals.

ELEVATION: Transparent Wholesaling

Central to our success is the implementation of the ELEVATION wholesaling system, which distinguishes us from conventional investors and wholesalers. This transparent system includes a sewer scope and thorough roof inspection, ensuring a meticulous assessment of the property. We are committed to conducting deals that align with our own standards, and when our capital is tied up, we seamlessly transition to wholesaling to provide fellow investors with unparalleled value and wealth creation.

Transparent and Ethical Wholesaling Methods

Our commitment to transparency and ethical practices played a pivotal role in aligning with our client's values. Throughout the process, we provided a detailed analysis of the numbers, offered guidance on the rehab budget to avoid over-improvement, and facilitated the assignment of the contract to our buyers, resulting in cost savings at closing. This holistic approach embodies our company mission of delivering full-circle value.

Project Oversight and Co-Listing

We didn't stop at acquisition – our team remained actively involved throughout the rehab process, ensuring that the property met the highest standards. To further enhance the outcome, we co-listed the property on the back end, creating a win-win scenario for all parties involved.

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